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It seems like almost everyone is using cell phones. Actually, nearly half of Americans own cell phones and it is increasing each day all over the world. In 2004, the worldwide mobile phone market will grow 20% to 648 mln units, IDC predicts. The demand for color displays and camera phones from both mature markets and developing markets remained strong through the Q1-Q3 2004 and is expected to continue through Q4 2004.

There are 1.5 bln mobile subscribers globally, 310 mln in China, 44.5 mln in India, 60 mln in Russia
According to research published by Gartner, provisional forecasts suggest that cellular connections will reach 56 mln in India by the end of 2004, representing 96% growth over the current year (2004). 

The purpose of launching this forum is to enable cell phone users share their views and experiences. Check out the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers / Reviews for Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones . Reviews, Post your views. share your experience, find wallpapers and logos. Discuss all about mobile phones and mobile service providers here. Checkout about New / top and upcoming mobile phone models.

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Mobile usage statistics
$1.1 bln of mobile games sold worldwide in 2003
$2 bln of mobile phones sold in Russia in 2003
$3.5 bln ringtones sold worldwide
$4.3 bln spent on wireless voice by middle market firms in 2004
$81 mln spent in the US on mobile services buildup
1 mln CDMA subscribers by year-end 2004
1.5 bln mobile subscribers globally, 310 mln in China, 44.5 mln in India, 60 mln in Russia
1.5 bln mobile subscribers in June 2004, 2 bln by July 2006
10-15% of cell phones sold in China are second-hand
13-15K base stations will be built in US in 2004
15% of mobile phones had removable card
15.6 bln SMS messages sent in China in January 2004
155 mln mobile phones sold in Q2 2004
156.4 mln wireless phones shipped in Q2 2004
156.4 mobile phones shipped in Q2 2004
16% of teenagers received SMS threats
167 mln mobile phones sold in Q3 2004
170 mln mobile phones sold in Q3 2004
171.2 mln Americans have cell phones
17M mobile phone users in Australia by 2007
2.5 bln mobile subscribers by 2009
26 M mobile users in India, up 100%
3.6% of mobile revenues are data revenues in Brazil
300 mln cell phone subscribers in China by the end of 2004
31% of Americans will change mobile providers
36% of personal calls are made from cellphones
4% of all cell phone sold in 2004 were 3G
40% of US teenagers are wireless subscribers
44.51 Indians have mobile phones, 43.96 mln - landlines
45 mln 3G subscribers in 2004, 85 mln by 2005
49% of European mobile users not interested in 3G
5.4 mln Americans switched their wireless carriers
5.5% think mobile marketing is viable today
510 mln phones sold in 2003, 560 will be sold in 2004
520 mln cell phones sold in 2003
6% of Americans cut the landline in favor of wireless
6-10% of US wireless customers use pre-paid plans
66% of US households own cellphones
750K of mobile phones discarded this Christmas
8 mln 3G users in Europe by 2005
8 mln Americans took advantage of number portability
8 mln mobile subscribers in Ukraine
80% of Japanese SMS traffic and 20% of American is junk
85% of people take their gadgets everywhere
90% of mobile devices lack protection to ward off hackers
African and Middle Eastern mobile sales grew 26% in 2003
All I want for Christmas is a service plan
America's favorite cell phones - Sanyo, Samsung, LG
America's favorite wireless operators: Verizon and T-Mobile
Americans used 500 bln wireless minutes in first half 2004
Asia-Pacific mobile gaming market to generate $1.3 bln in 2008
Average revenue per wireless user to shrink to $42.42 by 2007
Bluetooth phone shipments up 36% in Europe
Cameraphones in Europe, Q2 2003
Canalys: EMEA cameraphone sales up 29%
Cell phone sales booming
Cell phone shipments: up 29.3% YTY, down 5.9% QTQ
Cell phones of the future
Cell phones: big in China and India
Cellular base station market to fall 14.4% in 2004
China Mobile Phone Users Hit 250 Million
China sold $5 bln of mobile phones in 5 months
Corporate spending on wireless to reach $37 bln in 2004
Digit Wireless forecast on mobile handset sales
Digital music is the most wanted feature by US mobile subscribers
EMEA mobile market up 52% in Q2 2004, voice market up 57%
European mobile device market grew 25.6% in Q1 2004
Gambling and adult on mobile phones will generate $6.5 bln by 2006
Gartner: 3M smartphones sold last year
Global mobile device shipments increased 41% in Q1 2004
Global mobile phone market leaders: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, LG
Global mobile phone sales to grow 20% in 2004
GSM expects 1,000,000,000th user
GSM growth around the world
GSM subscriber growth was at 123% in June 2004
Hong Kong mobile penetration is 93%
IDC: Cameraphone shipments up, Bluetooth steady
IDC: Cell phone sales 2003-2007
IDC: Emerging markets bring new opportunities to mobile phone vendors
IDC: Mobile handset market up 21.2% YTY in Q3 2003
IDC: Mobile user matrix
IDC: Phone Sales Up 21.2%
In 2003 wireless telecom was a $100 bln industry
In 2004 enterprise market purchased 2.6 mln converged devices
In 2008 $1 bln will be spent on mobile porn
In 2009 70% of smartphones will have Bluetooth
India's mobile services market to grow at 28.3% CAGR through 2009
Indian mobile users dissatisfied with operators
InStat/MDR: Cellular base stations sales are falling
Iran, Saudi Arabia and Oman telecom markets to grow
Is cell phone radiation real?
J'son: 32.3 M Russians use cell phones
JD Power: Mobile satisfaction in the US
LG leads the US CDMA phone sales
Market for graphics on mobile devices to generate $1.1 bln in 2008
Merrill Lynch: More wireless subscribers in the US
Mobile data to generate $189 bln in 2009
Mobile entertainment will generate $8 bln in 2003 in Western Europe
Mobile games to generate $203.8 mln in 2004
Mobile games to generate over $1 bln in 2004
Mobile gaming generated $26 mln in India
Mobile penetration in Eastern Europe
Mobile phone sales in 2003
Mobile phone sales in Q3 2004: Samsung overtakes Motorola in market share
Mobile phone sales up 25% in Q3 2004
Mobile phone shipments up 23% in Q3 2004
Mobile usage in China
Mobile usage up in China, China Mobile has 140 mln subscribers
Mobile users are willing to up their bill by 28% for additional services
More than 1 bln GSM subscribers globally
Number portability to lose AT&T Wireless 150,000 customers
Only 13% users are excited about watching TV on the cell phone
Only 39% of the seniors over 65 have mobile phones
Only one third of Americans use SMS
People use business cell phone functions at home
Phone games brought in $587 mln in 2003
Q2 2003 mobile phone sales
Q2 2003 mobile phone sales up
Q2 2004 mobile phone market shares
Reasons for mobile service dissatisfaction
Record number of mobile phones produced in 2003
Ringtone market generated over $1 bln in 2003
Ringtones to generate $721 mln in Western Europe in 2008
Russian mobile penetration to reach 68% in 2006
Saudi Arabian telecom market to enjoy growth this year
Smartphone market to experience explosive growth and grow at 44% CAGR
Sotovik: Russia has 30 M cell phone users
Strategy Analytics: Camera phones outsell digital cameras
Taiwan handset market, H1 2003
The most hated cell phone operator - T-Mobile
Top mobile phone manufacturers for 2004: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens
Top mobile phone priorities for 2005: battery life, caller ID, ringtones, color screens
Top Russian mobile operators: MTS, VimpelCom, MegaFon, Uralsvyazinform
Top US wireless companies
UK WAP usage increases 42% in June 2004
UK: Mobile Internet up, SMS stable
US Lags Europe and Japan in Mobile Adoption
US ringtone market to generate $146 mln in 2004
US wireless growth strong
US wireless portability awareness
Wireless gear sales to grow 1% in 2004
Wireless sensor networks to generate $7 bln in 2010
Worldwide mobile phone sales for 2003
Yankee Group: SMS penetration
Youth to account for 30% of mobile subscribers and 25% of mobile revenues in 2008  
{Source: Internet / Various tech books} For Information only


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