Start Monitoring Your Kids And Employees Today

Thanks to smartphones, teens now have yet another way to access the internet, chat, email their friends, send WhatsApp messages, and do just about everything a parent might worry about. It is the same with disloyal employees as well. They can snap photographs of documents of your projects and send them via their smartphones as a Messenger attachment to your rivals. However, you should not let these issues bother you. You will now be able to use good spy applications to watch over them.

However, given the various types of such applications, it is difficult to decide which one offers the maximum features, is non-intrusive, and keeps you updated about the activities of your kids and employees in real-time. In such a scenario, look no further than the XNSPY, unarguably the best spy application available.

Download the Android version for Android-based phones and XNSPY iPhone for iPhones. You can find the popularity of this application by reading reviews posted on mobile application review forums and blogs. You will be surprised, after going through them, to know that it is one of the rare mobile spy applications that monitors Snapchat as well.


Doubting Thomases

If you still have any doubts after reading the online review, try the demo to find out the amazing features of this application, by visiting the vendor’s website and clicking on the “demo” button. You will be able to see the different features of this app including features such as Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp monitoring. You can also watch videos of XNSPY for iPhone and XNSPY for Android on that site by clicking on the “watch video” icon. You can also see details of devices this application is compatible with on the frequently asked question section of XNSPY’s website.



You can legally use this application on the smartphone of your kids and that of your employees. In order to avoid legal problems, mention on the signup form of your company that employees must accept mobiles containing the XNSPY application as part of the company-owned devices. This prevents you from facing legal problems, if any.


Price etc

The price is subscription-based and depends on the version you plan to install. The basic version of XNSPY costs $8.33 per month. The XNSPY cost for the premium edition is $12.49 per month. By the way, do not worry about jailbreak issues, as most of its important features have the information XNSPY no jailbreak written next to them. You will also find features that require jailbreak for working properly.

The install process is very simple. Change the security of the target mobile so that you can install applications from third-party sources. Visit the app download section, choose the operating system and the edition you want, and click on the download link. Visit the official website for more info about XNSPY and the different features of the basic and premium edition.